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product arrow Kina's Story : Kina Makes A New Friend (PO smp tgl 8 Sept 19)

Kina's Story : Kina Makes A New Friend (PO smp tgl 8 Sept 19)
Price Rp 99.000
Rp 94.050
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Judul    : Kina's Story : Kina Makes A New Friend

Penulis : Maudy Ayunda

Ukuran : 21,6 x 21,6 hal

Tebal    : 40 hal

Our world needs people who seek to understand, rather than assume without knowing. Here Kina learns to embrace change and not judge others.


Hello, I am Kina and I have a best friend named Anya. We promise we will always stick together no matter what. But one day, a new girl starts in school. Her name is Lulu. Day by day, Lulu starts stealing Anya from me. I hate it when I see Anya and Lulu play together. Anya has a new best friend, so we can't be best friends anymore ....

Behind the Book This book and the Kina’s Story series is the result of a beautiful coincidence. It is a retelling of short tories I wrote when I was 10 years old, found accidentally in my old archives. With some encouragement, I decided to simplify it and share it to the world with a mission: to promote literacy, bilingual learning, and meaningful moral stories accompanied by captivating imagery as beautifully crafted by my good friend Kathrin. I hope that all of us - adults and children alike - can smile and find inspiration from these pages. Yours truly, Maudy Ayunda


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aida martha
makasih kak, akhirnya novel sampai di tangan setelah transit di alamat teman (o^^o)♪ tapi mau nanya, ini saya order 3 novel, nah apa yang dapat tottebag memang cuma 2 ??

Dea S A
Terima kasih, novel "Apapun Selain Hujan"nya sudah saya terima.:)

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